Happy Birthday to Nick Groff of the GAC! This mans smile is infectious! He always has that little smirk on his face and I love it! He’s just overall a funny guy and I wish I was his best friend! He has a beautiful family and I adore him for how passionate he is and how determined he his. He inspires me to get in shape and stay in shape. Happy Birthday Nick you Ninja Warrior! 


my name is zak bagans. i never believed in the paranormal, until i forced aaron to come face to face with it.

wonderfullywicked: I think the luxury hotel is completely disrespectful to all the people that died (probably miserable deaths) and were/are buried there. They want to take that and turn it into a vacation destination? Disgusting.

people will do anything to make a quick buck. i don’t understand how they think they’ll even be able to get people to go there. i mean they’ve said before that half the soil there is made from human ash, why would ANYONE want to go on vacation there? it’s ridiculous. 

luckily i don’t think the luxury hotel thing is confirmed yet. and even if they decide to do it, hopefully it falls through when they realize no one wants to work or vacation there. 

wildhyaena: They will regret their decision to turn Poveglia Island into a luxary hotel or whatever. There will be possessions left and right or at least a LOT of violence. It can't last. And it is a very, VERY bad idea.

totally agree with you there

i move that we all pitch in a million bucks and buy it before the luxury hotel can and preserve it’s terrifying haunted-ness

Anonymous: So apparently Poveglia Island is for sale…

i’m pretty sure nothing good will come out of this when a luxury hotel is put on dangerous haunted grounds

Smile. It’s contagious. #SelfieSunday #Smile

Zak dancing part 2

Boubonic Plague Island To Be Auctioned Off As Location For Luxury Hotel

so they’re making poveglia island into a luxury hotel soon..

welcome to the hotel, be sure to get possessed while your here, it’s free!