Point Sur Lighthouse-Big Sur, California

The tower was first lit in August, 1889, and has remained in continuous operation since. Construction was no small task, costing over $50,000 in 1889 and requiring a railroad track to be laid to carry materials to the site. Once construction was completed, the tracks were removed and the only access was by climbing 395 steps. Later, a tramway was installed and finally a roadway was cut through to the summit. In 1974, the smallish light station at Point Sur, sited atop a large volcanic rock, was automated and no longer required the maintenance from resident light keepers.

In the years since it was first manned, only four light keepers have worked in the structure that sits 361 feet above the cold Pacific Ocean. Several shipwrecks have taken place on or near this national landmark, but the most notable wreck isn’t a ship at all but the US Navy Dirigible MACON, which sank in 1935. 83 people were on board when it crashed, and two lost their lives.

In October, 2011, the Carmel Pine Cone newspaper reported that ghost hunter Julie Nantes says the Point Sur Lighthouse is haunted - by 18 or more spirits, so many that it’s considered one of the 10 most-haunted lighthouses in the United States.  The most commonly seen ghost at the Point Sur Lighthouse is a man in a keeper’s uniform from the 1800’s, primarily seen at the visitor’s center. 


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